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Testimonials from a few of our exhibition hosts.

Cornelis van der Bas, Curator, Huis Doorn, The Netherlands

Huis Doorn hosted E. H. Shepard: An Illustrator’s War in 2017

“During the exhibition, we were visited by more than 11,000 visitors – a huge success. It was a great pleasure for our museum to work together with House of Illustration. We received all the support we needed, including all the exhibition documentation from London. House of Illustration also played a vital role in bringing Museum Huis Doorn into contact with other UK cultural organisations, including museums, archives and galleries. We hope to do more projects with House of Illustration in the near future.”

Pru Chambers, Marketing Manager, The Lightbox, Woking

The Lightbox hosted Quentin Blake: Inside Stories

“We were delighted with Quentin Blake: Inside Stories. The exhibition received over 12,000 visitors – double the number of visitors we would normally expect to the gallery at this time, which resulted in better-than-expected Annual Pass sales for this period – and we were able to deliver some very popular learning events based around the exhibition.”

Beth McIntyre, Senior Curator, National Museum Wales, Cardiff

National Museum Wales hosted Quentin Blake: Inside Stories in 2016

“Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales was thrilled to be able to show the exhibition Quentin Blake: Inside Stories in 2016 as part of a programme of celebrations to mark the centenary of the birth of Roald Dahl in Cardiff. The exhibition proved to be extremely popular with visitors and school groups. There were over 66,000 visits to the exhibition with a daily average of 600 visitors and a visitor conversion rate of 35%, making it one of the most successful we have held in that particular exhibition space. Our Learning team developed fantastic resource material for school visits, which were fully booked. It was a pleasure to work with the House of Illustration team developing the exhibition to suit our specific space and our visitors.”

Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery, Carlisle

Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery hosted The BFG in Pictures in 2016-17

“Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery in Carlisle was privileged to be the first venue on the tour of House of Illustration's beautiful The BFG in Pictures exhibition. The exhibition attracted almost 6,000 visitors, who were thrilled by the chance to see the artworks in Carlisle and inspired to take part in a range of fun hands-on family events. The exhibition also provided a brilliant opportunity for our education team to create a fantastic literacy and storytelling session for local primary school children. One of the school children who took part in the sessions described it as the ‘best day ever.’”