Rachel Lillie: Odyssey

An exhibition by our very first Illustrator in Residence, exploring the ideas of journeys and home.

When, Where

Home is the goal of epic odysseys, spiritual quests and psychic transformations. In this exhibition, a culmination of her six-month residency at House of Illustration, Rachel Lillie explores the idea of journeys, both literal and metaphorical.

As our first ever Illustrator in Residence, Rachel has borne witness to the events taking place over the summer at House of Illustration in preparation for our public opening in July. From the building works, the house move, a new gallery space and everything in between, Rachel combines fragments of what she's seen to inspire new tales of adventure.

Bringing together discarded objects, drawings of the changes taking place within the building, and recorded conversations, 'Odyssey' is a celebration of process (journey) and outcome (home). Seeking out tales of adventure and mythological revelations both existing and invented, Rachel explores the possibilities of storytelling across objects and images. Her work examines character, identity, memory and consciousness as she ponders on what it means to be lost - and what it means to come home.