Crossing Time

Explore King's Cross past and present in an illuminated interactive installation created by illustrator Paddy Molloy.

When, Where

  • Granary Square

Crossing Time is an illuminated, interactive exterior installation inspired by King's Cross and devised by illustrator Paddy Molloy.

For a period of 27 days, starting on Saturday 13 February, every day as the sun goes down on Granary Square the installation will come to life - a multi-layered structure transformed by projected animation and images, reflecting the history and imagery of King's Cross past and present.

Visitors will be able to enjoy the dramatic play of images and icons projected as light falls, and via motion-activated sensors in the structure itself they will also be able to change the pattern of images and create their own narratives, making each interaction unique.

Molloy is inspired by the history of King's Cross, particularly the King's Cross monument, built in 1830, which housed a camera obscura that cast its eye on a period of rapid industrial development. Crossing Time will be a new 'eye' on the landscape: a contemporary reference to this camera obscura whereby historic and structural references to King’s Cross, together with personal experiences and reminiscences of the site today, will be translated into icons and textures and projected onto the structure.

Crossing Time is a House of Illustration commission. Paddy Molloy is a London-based illustrator with a multi-disciplinary practice incorporating print, moving image, performance and three-dimensional environments. He is presently a senior lecturer in Illustration Animation at Kingston University.

With thanks to GF Smith.