Quentin Blake: The Model as Artist

An exhibition of Quentin Blake’s first figurative drawings from the 1950s.

When, Where

Portrayal of the body and gesture is the foundation of Quentin Blake's genius as an illustrator. After attending life drawing classes in the 1950s his characteristic way of working emerged, as he redrew the models from memory, in imagined situations.

This experience laid the foundation for his 50-year career in illustration, during which hundreds of imaginary characters have been brought to life by his unmistakeable line.

When in 1957 I came to the end of my university studies, I would take the train to London once or twice a week to attend a life-drawing class… when I got home, I would find myself drawing invented figures in invented surroundings... I seem to have been able to illustrate figures in any position without reference ever since.” Quentin Blake