Adult Masterclass: Fashion Illustration with Montana Forbes

Explore the art of style at a fashion illustration afternoon.

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Discover how to define an individual aesthetic and depict a range of clothing styles on this masterclass with fashion, beauty and lifestyle illustrator Montana Forbes.

During the class you’ll consider the different techniques, methods and approaches you can use for tip-top fashion illustration, exploring form, line and colour to achieve magazine-ready results.

This afternoon session will showcase the artistry of this popular form of illustration, providing the opportunity to experiment with its key components: the shape of the body and garment along with the item’s texture, silhouette and colour.

We’ll pay particular attention to utilizing contrasts, arranging positive and negative space and playing with masculine and feminine shapes and forms.

About the tutor:

Montana Forbes has been a fashion, beauty and lifestyle illustrator for 14 years, working in collage, sketching and Photoshop. On the board of the Association of Illustrators, her clients include the BBC, Filofax and The National Costume Museum in Berlin. She studied Visual Communication with an interdisciplinary focus on art history, photography and graphic design.