Artsmark and Arts Award

House of Illustration supports Artsmark and Arts Award.


Artsmark celebrates schools that champion the arts and strive for excellence in their provision.

It’s an award designed by schools, for schools. As such, it remains relevant to the changing education landscape, seeking to help schools strike a balance in meeting both EBACC and STEM priorities.

We believe that engagement with arts and culture benefits all pupils, and we see this benefit in action every day in our workshops, outreach and projects.

Artsmark is one way schools can commit to embedding these benefits across the school and House of Illustration is delighted to support schools on their journey. We have supported several schools already in London, Berkshire and Essex.

Our Teachers’ CPD or INSET and school visits and workshops help your school fulfil the Artsmark criteria. For more information on how we support Artsmark, please download the information sheet below.

Arts Award:

Arts Award is a range of unique qualifications that supports anyone aged up to 25 to grow as artists and arts leaders, inspiring them to connect with and take part in the wider arts world through taking challenges in an art form – from fashion to digital art, pottery to poetry.

Offered at five different levels, young people get to:

  • Discover the enjoyment of creating and participating in any art form.
  • Develop their creativity and leadership skills.
  • Learn new skills and share them with others.
  • Get to work with or experience working with creative arts professionals.
  • Gain experience and knowledge to progress into further education and employment.

To achieve their Arts Award, young people take on challenges in an art form, participate in arts activities, experience arts events, get inspired by artists and share their arts skills with others. Young people create a portfolio to keep a record of their creative journey. Along the way they are supported by an Arts Award adviser, acting as assessor, facilitator and mentor.

For more information on how we support young people and professionals, please download the information sheet below.