Free family activities: Imagining the Future

Downloadable activities for ages 5-12.

Your kids are going to grow up in the future so it’s only right that they get to think about what it will look like! In these free downloadable Imagining the Future activities for 5-12s and their families, you’ll use drawing and collage techniques to picture different aspects of the future: buildings, gardens and clothes.

Build It Up

In this activity, you’ll create pattern sheets based on what you see around you and use these to collage buildings for the future. Then you’ll draw in people, animals and objects to bring your scene to life.

While you’re creating your imaginary future, think about how we’ll live in it. Are there problems in your area you can solve? What sort of building would be nice to live in? Where will children play and learn?

Inspired by Nature

In this activity, you’ll design a community garden for your neighbourhood, full of flowers, fruit and vegetables, trees, animals, people – both real and imaginary.

This activity is full of helpful techniques to create beautiful, textured plants and ideas to help with layout and composition.

What does your dream garden look like?

Future Fashion

In this activity, you’ll invent clothes for the people of the future. What are some of the features of your favourite outfits? Do they have patterns, zips, buttons, folds or fabrics with interesting textures?

What will people be doing in the future? What kind of clothes will they need?

We'd love to see how you get on! Share yours and your family's work with the hashtag #IllustrationInHouse and don't forget to tag us @illustrationHQ.

Build It Up was created by Sofia Niazi, Future Fashion by Sadie St Hillaire and Inspired by Nature by Sahra Hersi, all for One of My Kind and Rabbits Road Press. Imagining the Future was made possible by Arts Council England's Emergency Response Fund.

Please find the resources below, ready to download now!