Illustrator in Residence 2018: YiMiao Shih

House of Illustration's fifth Illustrator in Residence.

Over six months, YiMiao Shih used House of Illustration and its audience – both physical and digital – as an ‘observational hub’ to create a contemporary ‘epic’ about Brexit.

The residency culminated in YiMiao Shih: Rabbrexit Means Rabbrexit, an exhibition in which YiMiao wove a parallel universe in which the UK has voted not for Brexit but 'Rabbrexit': the expulsion of rabbits from the country. The exhibition featured a series of ‘relics’ from the UK’s imaginary rabbit population, including large-scale embroidered epics, newly minted 52p and 48p coins and aeroplane landing cards for rabbits stripped of their British citizenship.

These satirical pieces drew together YiMiao’s real-world observations of the nationalistic fervor, economic uncertainty and fragmentation of societal bonds brought about by Brexit.

YiMiao says of her residency:

Illustration should dare to address the subjects which are socially controversial and topical, documenting the voices of the ‘now’ and expressing these creatively, in a witty, inquisitive and satirical way… I am expecting something big, complex, multifaceted, lively, socially engaging, referential to art, mythology and mystery.

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