Meet the House of Illustration Volunteers Selling Their Work at the Summer Fair

Take a peek at some of the work our volunteers will be selling on the day.


Aurore Swithenbank is a printmaker and illustrator. She graduated in 2015 with a BA (Hons) in Illustration from the University of West of England. Aurore learnt many print techniques while studying but her strongest style came through lino printing. She took on printmaking again a year and a half ago and found the craftsmanship extremely fulfilling. Most of her inspiration comes from nature and folk culture. She spends a lot of time sketching in museums around London and botanical parks.

Aurore will be selling linocut prints, cards, tote bags and tea towels all hand printed in her home printmaking studio.

Instagram: @auroreswith

Bethany Wheeler is a a freelancer illustrator who has been volunteering at the House of Illustration of over a year. Her illustrations mostly use both human and anthropomorphic animal characters living out different own stories. A number of these ideas are based on her interests, personality and day-to-day life. Bethany prefers working in black ink using both brush pen and fine-liners, before adding colour digitally. However, she is not afraid to play with other materials, like using different paints or going fully digital.

At the illustrator’s fair, she will be selling a selection of products including cards, badges, prints, stickers, tote bags, postcards and hand drawn postcards.

Instagram: @little_panda_face

Cyrillia, aka Cyam Blue, is a French-born artist/illustrator who works as a part-time creative entrepreneur. She has volunteered at House of Illustration since August 2015, after moving from Bristol to London. The ideas behind Cyrillia’s work comes from different influences between dream and fantasy worlds to visionary art and pop surrealism.

At the Illustration Summer Fair she’ll be selling art prints, notebooks, pocket mirrors, postcards, crystal necklaces, oracle/altar cards with a set of crystal healing.

Instagram: @cyamblue_art

Heba Rena Yassin is a freelance artist who was born in London and grew up in sunny Limassol, Cyprus. She studied BA Fine Art at the University of Hertfordshire and later MA in Digital Art and Design at the University of Nicosia, where she further developed her passion for digital art, before moving back to London. She loves cats, ball-jointed dolls, Japanese food and bubble tea.

Her work is influenced by Japanese art and culture and she likes to create comics and character design illustrations based on her own ideas and stories. “My aim is to convey emotion and atmosphere through my work. If I manage to convey any feeling to the viewer, that is enough for me.”

Instagram: @hebarena

The Illustration Summer Fair takes place on Saturday 30 June from 11am-5pm. Find out more.