Keeping Sketchbooks

Today's most creative sketchbook keepers.


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At House of Illustration, one of the most exciting parts of putting our programme together is getting to see all the ways that different illustrators approach their work - and sharing what we discover with our visitors and readers.

Sketchbooks are a vital part of so many artists' practices, and one that the public don't often get to see. So we love the idea of Martin Ursell's Keeping Sketchbooks, which lets you peek at pages from some of the most interesting and avid sketchbook keepers working today.

It looks like a great source of insight into the featured artists' work as well as a really useful guide to getting the most out of your own sketchbook practice. Martin Ursell shared this video with us, in which he talks about how he approached the project , alongside some of the contributors sharing their work:

To celebrate the launch of Keeping Sketchbooks, we're hosting an evening of talks from three very different and equally brilliant contributors: hand surgeon Donald Summat, Phil Carter of design studio Carter Wong, and celebrated illustrator John Vernon Lord - find out more about the event here.