Illustrating The Restless Girls

Ahead of our talk and book signing with Lauren Child, Jessie Burton and Angela Barrett, we hear from the women behind this new book published by Bloomsbury.


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Above: work in progress sketch by Angela Barrett

"I have an affection for the picture of the girls at work because it was a challenge to me that I met better than I’d feared I would. I don’t shine at drawing large groups of people and twelve constitutes quite a crowd in my painted world. As always, there are many things I should like to have done better, but on the whole I think it’s a rather happy picture of loving sisters working at doing something well, whatever it is." - Angela Barrett on the illustration below.

Read an extract from book and get up close to some of the illustrations by downloading the PDF

Jessie Burton, who also wrote The Miniaturist, on why she chose to adapt a traditional story and make it her own: