David Lemm: Mapmaking Workshop

Illustrator in Residence David Lemm shares some of the fantastic outcomes of his experimental mapping workshop.


  • David Lemm
  • Residency

During a recent visit, I hosted a mapmaking workshop. The idea was to consider what maps can be, and what they can represent - in particular maps as a document of a particular place at a given moment: a snapshot in time.

I also wanted the participants to consider how they might map their own personal experience of the area surrounding House of Illustration - looking at the world creatively, perhaps noticing things they had’t before and using mapmaking as a playful enquiry into the surrounding environment.

We started the day by describing our journeys to each other, to think about what we noticed on the way to House of Illustration and how that might be mapped.

We then shared some maps, discussing what made them interesting. I showed a few examples of maps I’d previously made and some examples of maps I’d found during my research around Kings Cross and recent visit to Islington Library archives.

With our heads full of maps, we took to the streets to experience the space, Granary Square mainly, and carried out some field studies.

After a good look around, we set to work making our maps.

As a final outcome, the maps were collated into a zine, a slight nod to the fact that the first A-Z was self published. This collection of personalised maps also serves as a record, a time-capsule of sorts of what was there on the day in a place that is constantly changing.

Click on the thumbnail gallery below to explore the fantastic maps made by the group: