Building Confidence and Skills Through Illustration

Our new video takes you through our education mission.


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“We’ve been working with schools, teachers and other people of all ages for about eight years now and everything we do is delivered by professional illustrators. What we really believe in is that everyone can be an illustrator; they just need the right skills and confidence to be able to communicate visually.” – our Head of Education Emily Jost

"We are visual beings: we read faces and we read body language and symbols even when we are tiny, before we can speak. So we’re very good at reading the world around us and it’s sort of vital that we can.” – Children's Laureate Lauren Child on why building visual literacy is so crucial for children and young people.

We work with pupils and teachers, families, adults and young people though our illustration workshops, masterclasses, courses, outreach projects and events. 

Find out more about Education at House of Illustration, and find out how you can get involved, here.