Yellowzine Live

A talk by the independent visual art zine celebrating BAME talent

When, Where

Presenting a live version of Yellowzine, the stunning new print publication that curates and celebrates visual artwork by UK-based minority ethnic artists.

Sibling co-founders Aisha and Oreoluwa Ayoade will talk about their motivations for starting Yellowzine, how they have created a new space for artists of colour and why they chose to focus the first issue on illustration.

Featured illustrators from this issue are then invited to share their work, which encompasses a range of styles and processes both hands-on and digital, and explore the creative journey from realisation to creation.

We're aiming to use societies’ marginalisation of artists of colour to create our own space. A space where our work is centralized and is not forced to crouch but is allowed to stand as tall and as bold as we want it to.” – Yellowzine


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