The House of Illustration Fair: Winter 2019

London's largest free illustration fair is back this December!

When, Where

The House of Illustration Fair returns this winter. It’s the perfect place to pick up unique seasonal gifts, cards and stocking fillers while supporting talented illustrators who travel from far and wide to set up shop at London's largest free illustration fair.

Expect high-quality handmade cards, limited-edition prints and one-of-a-kind pieces, from homeware to graphic novels and picture books and more. As well as picking up unique gifts at reasonable prices, you'll be supporting independent illustrators, artists and designers, with 100% of the purchase price going directly to the stallholder.

We're also offering 2 for 1 entry to all our current exhibitions on the day of the Fair so make sure you stop by after you've stocked up to see the five-star Designed in Cuba: Cold War Graphics, W. E. B. Du Bois: Charting Black Lives and Quentin Blake: From the Studio.

The indoor location means you won’t freeze whilst browsing, and there are plenty of places to refuel in nearby Granary Square and Coal Drops Yard.

Check out the list of exhibitors and their wares below.

Abi Stevens Illustration

Colourful digital illustrations with an emphasis on symbolism, featuring mythology, fantasy, and chronic health.

Abigail Burch

A variety of illustrated goods from cards, screen and riso prints to small sculptures badges and stickers.
Aleesha Nandhra Fun, bold and colourful illustration and prints inspired by music, travel, culture and nature.
Alessandro Rostagnotto A series of prints, postcards, greeting cards, zines, phone cases and other types of gadgets.
Alternative Aesthetics Monochrome clothing, accessories, homeware and art prints.
Amelia Illustration Art and stationery featuring unique, hand drawn designs for animal lovers. 
Amy Browne A variety of illustrated goods from cards, screen and riso prints to small sculptures badges and stickers.
An Chi Chang Illustration Illustrated landscapes of realistic or imaginary spaces that explore the relationship between humans and nature.
Andrew Steward Prints with a surrealist twist, heavily revolving around mythology and the natural world.

Arty Vee

Work themed around nature using loose strokes in watercolour and line work.
Aurore Swithenbank Bold but intricate handmade lino prints inspired by nature and folk culture.
Ayshah Aziz Design

Colourful and detailed illustrations of faraway worlds inspired by real places and people.

Beach-o-matic Bold, graphic and colourful screenprints inspired by original drawings in pen and ink.   
Belmin Pilevneli Embossed paper works, etchings digital prints, fine art (giclée) prints, handmade notebooks and digitally printed fabrics.
Benjamin Pollock's Toyshop Riso prints in the form of toilet paper roll indicating London’s fatberg problem.
Bethan Woollvin Illustration Illustrated children’s books featuring bold artwork and mischievous characters.
Bethany Wheeler Illustration Greeting cards, postcards, badges and more all featuring a range of quirky illustrations.
Bia Melo

Vibrant and tropical screenprints using bold block colours, inspired by Brazil.

BlopShop (Alex Hahn) Engaging books and prints focusing on characters and humour including Blop: Martian Explorer.
BogusArt Silkscreened and digitally printed black and white illustration, graphics, postcards, bookmarks and pins.
Cecilia Wray A variety of illustrated goods from cards, screen and riso prints to small sculptures badges and stickers.
Charlie & The Fox Digital/screenprinted art prints of buildings, skulls and animals.
Clare Dales Graphic lino prints, 3D cards, paper, notebooks and things just for Christmas.
Clare Thornthwaite Figurative work using digital and hand-made techniques where minimal lines meet bold colours.

Cubic (Shumei Zheng)

Mixed media artworks using clay and traditional illustration techniques.
Dana Riesgo Illustrations featuring cute grumpy cats and envious foxes.
Deborah Pansear Illustrations Intricately detailed and delicate pencil drawings, inspired by flora and fauna, culture and the mystical. 
Design for Today Work influenced by mid-century lithography and publications by tomorrow’s stars. 
East London Printmakers Hand-made prints created using techniques including etching, linocut, photopolymer gravure and screen print.
El Davo Super detailed and satirical illustrations providing social and political commentary through visual metaphors.
Emily Mead Illustration and Graphic Design Fine detailed realism influenced by graphic design.
Factorypress Cyanotype prints, screen prints, handmade books and new work.
Fearless Flamingo Feel-good prints for children and gifts designed to empower and inspire.
Felt Mistress Prints of watercolour paintings, posters, books and carved wooden and felt figures.
Fiona Lumbers Colourful illustration for children using traditional techniques.
Flora Caulton Illustration and animation with a handmade touch.
Founders Factory Illustration reflecting social trends in a contemporary context.
Francesca Tiley Design Vibrant and uplifting handmade designs with a Latin American influence. 
Gabriela Larios Collages of textiles, paper and glass inspired by nature and folk tales.
Gentangle Designs Illustrations inspired by a method called Zentangle, which involves creating designs through patterns.
Grace Attlee Collage illustration, prints and paintings.
Hannah Clark Illustration Prints, cards and stationery featuring  watercolours of things we all love.
Harry Woodgate Illustration Brightly-coloured illustrated prints, cards, stationery and children’s books, inspired by nature and identity.
Hatchling Makes Endangered animal illustrations on cards, tote bags, badges and zines.
Helen Hancocks Illustration featuring cats. 
Hobbbins Colourful and cheerful illustrations in a variety of media.

Ian Pinder

Digital illustrations and prints from an animator and illustrator.
Illustrationsmith Ltd Linocuts, engravings, badges and cards, and giclee prints inspired by London.
Ilustraeris Quirky illustrations inspired by weird creatures and cinema.
Imajanation Illustrations inspired by everyday life in the form of quirky prints, stickers and zines.
Inkpot & Pen Richly illustrated and hand-lettered artist’s books and crafted paper items.
Irina Georgescu Illustration Original art, giclee prints, postcards, greetings cards, stickers, wrapping paper and handpainted ceramics.
Jack Oliver Coles Original illustrations, prints and zines made using colour pencils.
Jacqueline Colley Handmade screen prints, risographs and woven cosy throws.
Jakub Trojanek Posters, postcards and illustrations with a general pirate/swashbuckling theme.
James Barker Quirky and vibrant prints and items inspired by nature, natural history and literature.

James Brown Ltd

Screen prints, lino cuts, cards and books.
Jane Porter Signed illustrated children’s books, original and limited-edition prints and illustrated merchandise.
Jane Ray Award-winning illustrated children's books.
Jessica Courtney-Tickle Inkjet prints, greetings cards, postcards and signed children's books.

Jill Tytherleigh

British food Christmas cards, gift tags, tea towels and aprons.
Joanna Layla Limited-edition prints and contemporary hand-finished pieces, inspired by the worlds of botany, art and fashion.
Jonathan Edwards Prints of watercolour paintings, posters, books and carved wooden and felt figures.
Jonathan Emmerson Bold, vibrant pattern-based relief prints and fabrics.
Julie Mackey Illustration Drawings and paintings of people and dogs.

Kaho Kojima

Hand-pulled screen prints and giclee prints, greeting cards and pop-up books.
Kate Guy Printmaking Monotype, letterpress and linocut prints on paper and fabrics.
Katie Plume Prints of original paintings, zines, handmade brooches, pins, badges and original canvas paintings.
Kirby Wonders Handmade illustrations inspired by folklore, cats and the natural world.
Klara Smith Illustrated ceramics with papercut images and prints. 
Lara Crow Bright, joyful, illustrated goods with a creepy twist.
Laura Parker Mixed media illustrated work inspired by nature, space and femininity.
LeneZhen Design & Illustration Portraits and mandala illustrations, often combined with historic and cultural symbols.
Lewis Campbell Illustration featuring intricate landscapes, wild animals and mysterious creatures.
Lisa Mellows Illustration Colourful illustrations inspired by the animal kingdom.
Lizzy Stewart Evocative watercolour paintings and lively picture books.
Lorna Scobie Bright, colourful, textured artwork.
Løvlie Illustration Bright and colourful illustration with big shapes and bold textures, inspired by growing up in Scandinavia.
Luana Asiata Abstract paintings and prints featuuring strong colours and forms inspired by nature.
Lorna Scobie Digital prints and original drawings of animals, cards and Christmas cards.
Lucy Noakes llustrated products inspired by vintage animal encyclopedias, Mrs. Beeton’s cookbooks and travel.
Mandy Wong Cute monster screen prints and character goods.
Marc Cohen Traditional work including prints and cards and merchandise such as pins.
Marie Lee Illustration Digital paintings in a clean editorial style with bright bold colors.
Mel Smith Designs Illustrated travel mementos.
Melissa Castrillon Botanically-inspired illustrated wares featuring pattern and punchy colour combinations.
Melissa Sinclair Prints, books, drawings, paintings, zines, risographs, cards and ceramics.
Mike Green Illustration Illustrated scenes and landscapes of London.
Miri Luh Anthropomorphised animal ceramics, pins, ornaments, zines, prints and textiles.
Miss Ella

Illustration inspired by nature, travel and folklore on prints, homewares, kits, jewellery and cards.

Mister Peebles Illustrated paper goods with a sense of pun.
Momoko Abe Illustration Illustrated children's books inspired by favourite books, food and animals.
Nana Prints, zines and crafts.
Natalie Mills A variety of illustrated goods from cards, screen and riso prints to small sculptures badges and stickers.
Natsko Seki Digitally-combined landscapes using photographs and drawings, inspired by nature and cultural differences.
Nepeta Liu Prints, postcards, greeting cards, zines, phone cases and other types of gadgets.
Nia Hefe A series of A4 and A5 prints.
Nicola Kent Signed illustrated children's books, original and limited-edition prints and illustrated merchandise.
Nicola Kinnear Illustration Illustrated children's books inspired by nature, animals and folklore.
Omm is Taken Dark surreal posters, postcards and handmade jewellery.
Owen D. Pomery Detailed drawings of imaginary worlds, often with an architectural, narrative or aquatic theme.
Owl & Dog Playbooks Illustrated children’s books in new and experimental formats.
Paula & The Pencils Illustrations of quirky characters and animals on a range of products.
Penny Choo Illustrated greetings cards, stationery, giftwrap, textiles and prints.
Penny Neville-Lee Colourful illustrations made using a combination of digital techniques and traditional materials.
Rachel Bone Illustration and urban sketches.
Rebsville Illustrated maps, food prints and informative posters.
Red Gate Arts Hand-illustrated and Art Deco-style art prints, greeting cards, notebooks and tea towels.
Relic Bright, joyful, illustrated goods with a creepy twist.
Rhiannon Parnis Artist books and zines, postcards, prints and original paintings.
Robiernia Illustrated t-shirts.
Ros Asquith Wide-ranging illustrations for all ages and cartoons for The Guardian, Private Eye and The Oldie.
Rose Wilkinson A variety of illustrated goods from cards, screen and riso prints to small sculptures badges and stickers.
RossJDesigns Funny and unique watercolour greeting cards.
Rowan Tree Print Fun, bold and colourful linocut prints, cards and textile products.
Ruby Chang A series of prints, postcards, greetings cards, zines, phone cases and other types of gadgets.
Sagui Dark surreal posters, postcards and handmade jewellery.
Salome Papadopoullos Birthday, Christmas and greetings cards.

Sangeeta Bhagawati

Prints, illustrations and life drawings.
Sarah Lodge Signed illustrated children’s books, original and limited-edition prints and illustrated merchandise.
Sarah Vines Illustration and animation with a handmade touch.
Sato Hisao Original handmade paper-craft figures, vehicles and DIY paper puppet books.
Scout Editions Illustrated, riso and screen printed paper goods, cards, prints, pins and postage stamps inspired by folklore and storytelling.
Sharon King Chai Illustrated colourful prints, cards, books and unique lasercut giftware.
Shirley Ellen H. Colourful drawings and paintings featuring poetic interpretations of everyday life. 
Shuyuan Feng Colourful riso prints, series of screenprints, letterpress cards and art books.
Silvi Debernadi Art Illustrations and shadow boxes of London canals and Norfolk coast.
Silvia Carrus Illustrations featuring a colourful and cute mix of animals and mental health awareness. 
Simon Bridgland Prints, books, drawings, paintings, zines, risographs, cards and ceramics.
Simona de Leo Original watercolors, prints, posters, calendars, children's book, tote bags, handmade notebooks and greetings cards.
SLM Illustration Hand-brushed artwork using Indian ink with digital colouring on a variety of themes.
Sophie Potter Illustration Illustrated paper goods inspired by botany, the natural world and packaging design.
Sophie Wu A series of prints, postcards, greeting cards, zines, phone cases and other types of gadgets.
South Island Art Evocative travel-themed art of your favourite places, in colours made to match your home.
Sri McKinnon Art prints, characterful handmade clay figurines and hand-painted plant pot gifts.
Stereohype Over 1500 button badges by over 500 artists from around the world.
Susan Vera Clarke

Etchings and screenprint of marine animals and their environments.

Takako Copeland Letterpress fine paper stationery with subtle colours and tactile finishes handmade in London.
That Little Kid Cute and quirky illustrated greeting cards and artwork. 
Tom Hadfield Small scale prints, frames and seasonal cards taken from the 'small people extraordinary spaces' series.
Toby Rampton Colourful and graphic illustrated giftware including cards, screen prints, tote bags and enamel badges.
Tracey English Bright, colourful collage style artwork on a range of products including tea-towels and posters.
Vincent Navetat A selection of playful and naive illustrated products.
Wooorm Prints, t-shirts, stickers and original artworks featuring hand-drawn psychedelic geometric abstractions.
Yeah Collective Illustration, fine art and fashion.
Zi Ye Illustrated phone cases.
Zubieta Art prints, postcards, greeting cards, enamel pins and t-shirts.