Book Illustration Competition 2017: winning entry published

With just under a month to go until the deadline for our 2018 competition, we take a look at last year's winning entry by Darya Shnykina, which has just been published by The Folio Society.


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Jane Austen’s modern and controversial novel, Mansfield Park, was the book of choice for our Book Illustration Competition 2017. Introduced by Lucy Worsely and illustrated with Darya's beautiful illustrations, the book completes Folio’s Austen series. The volume is bound in cloth, and the slipcase, blocked in gold, reproduces one of Fanny’s most characteristic speeches.

Darya Shnykina is an illustrator based in Moscow, Russia. She is currently studying Graphics and Art of the Book at MS University of Printing Arts. New to the world of professional illustration, her images for Mansfield Park won the 2017 annual Book Illustration Competition. Although created using digital techniques, her artwork retains the charm of traditional material and textures. Her style is influenced by impressionism, and she is inspired by the famous modern artists of the twentieth century.

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