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As an art with a job to do, illustration brings text to life, gives instructions, conveys a message or explains an idea.

At House of Illustration, we know it is a powerful learning tool for learners of all abilities and ages. All our illustrator-led workshops and resources are designed to make the most of this power by helping teachers and pupils develop their visual communication and practical skills, to enjoy and learn from our exhibitions, and to be inspired to illustrate.

Our school workshops directly support art and design and can support literacy and many other subjects, topics or curriculum areas.

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These films are a celebration of the sketchbook work by Key Stage 2 pupils from three Islington schools as part of a Children and the Arts-funded project.


Thanks to the pupils and teachers of Copenhagen, St Andrew’s and Robert Blair Primary Schools and our illustrators Merlin Strangeway, Sion ap Tomos and Toya Walker.