The Book Illustration Competition 2016: Winners Gallery

See the winning entries and longlist from the competition to illustrate Michael Morpurgo's War Horse

We are delighted to share the judges' selection for this year’s Book Illustration Competition.

The competition to illustrate Michael Morpurgo's War Horse was won by Alan Marks. The five runners-up are: Sishirprithvi Bommakanti, Courtney Dyer, Catherine Fearnley, Agata Pankowska and D.G. Smith. Here you'll see their work alongside the rest of the outstanding longlist.

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Alan Marks


The Shortlist

Sishirprithvi Bommakanti


Courtney Dyer


Catherine Fearnley


Agata Pankowska


D.G. Smith


The Longlist

Nathan Aardvark


Mark Burgess

Nicolò Carozzi

Jessica Cho

Helena Cintra

Holly Francis

Annette Hamley-Jenkins

Joe Hawkins

Jason Mowry

Ciaran Murphy

Robert Newberry

Andrew Oakheart

Katie Rewse

Sophia O’Connor

Josh Saunders

Alexandru Savescu

Divya Scialo

Fi Smart

Lucie Williams