Illustrator in Residence 2017: Christy Burdock

Christy Burdock was our Illustrator in Residence for 2017.

Over six months, Christy documented and then recreated the world within House of Illustration, capturing its artists, staff and visitors. 

The residency culminated in a solo exhibition in spring 2018 called Christy Burdock: The People in the Gallery

Christy, a recent graduate of the Royal College of Art, describes her drawings as reflecting ‘the narrative of the everyday’. She works by immersing herself in microsocieties, observing individuals and the relationships between them, and then layering this observation with metaphor and imagination to create new worlds.

Christy Burdock said:

The impact of this residency on my practice is immeasurable … It gave me an excellent platform to make, test and launch a new body of work. It enabled a new audience to see my work that wouldn’t have otherwise seen it. It has given me a space where I could marry the worlds of visual communication with fine art. I have been offered solo shows and opportunities as a result.

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